Training for Speed

I’ve been a Football and Track coach for a few years now and there is always a push for other coaches, parents and athletes to push harder when training. I have implemented new strategies to help with shortening the training time while at the same time boosting the performance. I want my athletes to be energized after a workout and perform better on the filed and track. I will return later with a post about the details. For now…just know that there is a way to get fast and strong at the same time.

Success is Leased

As I get ready for my football season…I’ve been in the weight room with my boys more than ever. It has been great to see their progress over the last year. I found this quote from JJ Watt that will be going up on the weight room wall later today.

Success isn’t owned. It’s leased. And rent is due every day.  -JJ Watt


The Pessimist

When your goals are full of large and complex projects…you will soon learn that finding the nearest pessimist is the easiest part of your grand task. You often read or learn that you should just keep these folks at a distance…I say that this is practically impossible because so many of these pessimist can be close friends or even family members.

They’re all around you really…

After spending much time with the pessimist, I’ve come to the mind that the pessimist is mostly motivated by simple laziness. It took me years to figure out why someone always wanted to be part of the problem and not the solution. To folks like me, it’s tiring to be a stick in the mud, but to a true pessimist it is the easy way out.

Any large deed starts with a goal to be accomplished…this is an important part…but really only the beginning…the world is full of unfulfilled goals. This first stage is where the pessimist causes the most damage. Next you work on your plan and begin the process of trying to figure out how you are going to meet the objective. Be careful here with the pessimist due to their ability to highlight how hard each step will be. Next comes the real work….working your plan. It is easy for the pessimist in this stage to focus on all the things that you are giving up while working so hard.  Plans aren’t perfect…so the last stage of adaptation and pivot is probably the most difficult test for any optimist and the pessimist’s favorite time to lay doubt.

The pessimist is fully aware of the above steps and the hardships that go with them. Just think…when you say it can’t be done…your work is completed. No long hours of paperwork, No planning, no phone calls, emails or texts, no travel, no investors to deal with, no government approvals to work out…really no work of any kind. All that is needed…for your insightful pessimism to be proven correct…is for the project or goal to fail. There…I told you so.

So…after many years of dealing with these pessimist…I’ve found that most pessimism is no more sinister than being lazy. You will have no luck convincing them…they know exactly what they are doing. Don’t waste your time trying to get them on board. Until…of course…you succeed in your endeavor. Then you will find that they always knew you could do it.

The Gambling Device

Gamblers are funny…they always ask things like “what slot machine should I play?” upon arrival.  In the real world…I have no Idea what machine to play at any given time, but I can guide a willing gambler to a slot that suits their fallacy.

There are two types of gamblers…those that want to play the “hot” machine and those that want to play the slot that is “due”. Neither fallacy is more correct than the other, however it makes a difference to the gambler.

There’s a slot machine at the MGM in Vegas that has not hit the jackpot in over 20 years. Read Here The jackpot is now over $2.3 million…the management at the MGM says that it is currently the most played game on their floor. That high jackpot makes it easy to see that that machine is “due”, however it is much more difficult to pinpoint the slots that have been on a roll.  It’s just hard to know without some inside information.   The best way to gain the knowledge is just by asking a floor manager or slot tech. If a gamblers is sitting down to a machine that meets their fallacy…it helps to keep the hope alive.

The Art of Dying

I’ve never seen such a sad site as my last visit to the old persons area of the Dr. Offices. I routinely bring my older parents down to their appointments. We most often just go to one appointment and get out of there to go out to eat or something like that.

This time we had a long wait between appointments and we decided to just hang out at the hospital and wait. I couldn’t believe what I saw…It was a conveyor belt of 50 something children escorting their 80 something parents.

One after the other…

I’ve always been one to help the old…out of respect I guess, but this scene was hard to take. Is it time to start thinking about choosing the time and place of death? I’m not really looking forward to putting my kids through this type of servitude.

Should I Write Something Everyday?

I’d like to be a better writer. I’m not sure if having a place to write down my observations is a good start…I’m going to give it a try here. I use facebook, twitter and other blogging type platforms for many things, but I’ve never felt comfortable sharing many of my thoughts on things that I observe all around me. I do not plan to write in long form and I hope to keep my blog posts short.